The costs for reading out a chip differentiate, depending on the type and the manufacturer. We offer our business partners a fair and sensational cost/performance ratio:

An amount of 1350,-- Euro (without VAT) per chip can be used as a guidance.

It is therefore required to place an exact inquiry in written (by email) for the exact type of chip you require on every occasion. In return, you will then receive a binding offer from us.

Order processing

  1. You inquire the requested type(s).
  2. After receipt of our offer, you can place the order.
  3. You will receive a preliminary invoice by email immediately.
  4. You pay the invoice in advance (this can be done by bank transfer, Paypal, Giropay or Credit card).
  5. At the same time, you send us the chip by registered mail or registrated parcel.
  6. 2-3 weeks after we received the chip, we will transfer the read-out program by e-mail to you.
  7. The chip the customer has sent to us to be read out can't be returned to the customer.

Special inquiries customer specific chips

For this, you send us 2 -3 specimen. In this particular case, only an advanced payment of 120,-- Euro is required. For this amount, we check if and at which price we can read out the chip.