Nowadays, reverse engineering is an important economical factor for new developments. But also further developments of an existing product can often only then be realized, when existing know-how is used as a base.

Often re-inventing and making available program code evolves into time consuming activities, whereas the accompanying costs can reach astronomic heights in very little time.

By applying reverse engineering, it is possible to supply the underlying system architecture of the program and the corresponding source code with an economically arguable effort. The output can be used as a base for further development steps.

At the same time, servicing and maintenance of customer specific compiled and insufficiently documented software is also a deciding factor, as well as a missing or insufficient configuration management.

A further important application area is prevention against violation of copyright laws. The analysis of a chip can unveil new possibilities to assure no existing copyrights of third parties are violated.

Fuse Bits & Lock Bits modern systems reliably circumvent reading out the desired program code.
In this high-tech segment our work begins: we offer a quick service to read out memory contents at a unique cost/performance ratio and make it available in the shortest time. Also apparently complex and unsolvable tasks in the area of customer specific solutions are often solved in a short time. Test us!